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About Us

“Why not add a pinch of laughter, a dose of insights and enlightenment on some out & about topics from your everyday life! Yawmiyet Lebnene is the perfect way to spice up your routine!
Crazy, wacky, and a little bit tacky, that’s us!

It all started in 2014, with Yawmiyet Lebnene page on Facebook, where the founder, Serge Ayanian decided to use social media as a means for spreading positivity and well-being.

Featuring a unique mix of posts, stories, videos of standard acting, voice overs and stand up gigs, the page constitutes a platform for interaction and laughter, all for the sake of boosting your mood and adding some fun to your mundane life!

Living in a challenging environment, our philosophy revolves around using current topics, that are at times dramatic, turning them sarcastically into different types of visuals while striving for our goal of raising awareness about the misconducts in our society by lightly brightening up your darkest moods.

Even though our posts might at times offend some followers because of the underlying truth behind every joke; our philosophy never refrains from revolving around complete objectivity and does not take sides due to its transparency.

Today, Yawmiyet Lebnene is moving to the next level; thanks to our partners and growing followers, we were able to attract more than 500K followers on Facebook and build a growing supporters base on Instagram; we are also happy to inform you that we are kick-starting our own YouTube channel.

In brief, the perfect blend of fun to spice up your days!

It does not stop here! Yawmiyet Lebnene offers potential partners the ability to communicate about their products and services with different packages designed in the most creative ways. Customized contents of videos, posts and pictures, all fitting your profile and created by us so that all users connect with your brand in an exclusive way!

All you need to do is join our growing network and interact with our followers and partners!

About Serge Ayanian

A Lebanese-Armenian business man operating a family business in the lighting and electrical industry. His educational background revolves around management science.

Father of 2, Serge separates the different aspects of his life along with the daily use of situations at home and work while transforming them into creative, eye catching content that guarantees your “laugh louder; live longer"!

Your smile needed is one click away!


Serge Ayanian
The Man Behind It All
Elie Lteif
Second In Command
Web / Graphics / IT